[Club] 511


Experience one of SL's hottest, premium adult destinations streaming seductive music 24/7. This members-only haven provides an all-in-one escape, encompassing a main club, an intimate social club, a sensuous lounge, a casual rooftop, a luxurious yacht, an upscale clubhouse, a quaint winery, and an exquisite beachfront— all within a single captivating venue. Immerse yourself in contemporary designs, impeccable textures, and a diverse selection of adult furnishings and discreet hideaways. Our spaces are also available for private gatherings and special events, offering you an intimate and personalized experience.Featuring sexy and fun people, top-tiered DJ's, themed events, and jaw-dropping musical performers.View the events calendar linked below for up-to-date events and performers.

Luxuriance, a [Club] 511 Social Club opens in early 2024. See the sneak peak below.

-- Featuring--
Live Performers: Downunder, Essence Bilasimo, Evee Blackstar, Satin Galli, Tally Mercury, and Asher Jayden.
DJ's: Johnny Whadd, Deosil, Arwen, Sam, Nico, Tome V, Badman, Kendall, Jojo, Sabrina, Eva, Echo, Sweet J, and Pao.

Contact [Club] 511 owners, Keke Xoxo or Lucian Composer, in-world with any questions.